1 Jul 2004

Kokopo women told to be on alert for PNG dinosaur

3:41 pm on 1 July 2004

A Papua New Guinea reporter says women in East New Britain are being told to be on the alert for any more sightings of a dinosaur .

Earlier this week there was a second reported sighting of the so called dinosaur at Warangoi after a sighting in March in Tinganavudu.

Jesse Lapou says locals have described the dinosaur as being gold in colour, having the head of a dog, a tail like a crocodile and being about the size of a 200-litre water tank.

Ms Lapou says there is now a belief that the dinosaur can only be seen by women.

"This thing, this mysterious creature called dinosaur it only appears to women. So they are telling all the women to keep an eye out and if they see this thing they should report immediately to the police and the mayor of Kokopo, Albert Buanga."

Ms Lapou says the sightings have also generated an international interest from afar afield as Japan.