28 Jun 2004

Samoa to upgrade roads in capital

10:38 am on 28 June 2004

Samoa's Ministerof Works, Faumuina Liuga, says pressure on roads into Apia caused by urban growth and increased motor vehicles means introducing four-laned streets and a more direct road to the main airport and inter-island wharf to the west

Faumuina says motor vehicle numbers have increased 7% annually in the past 10 years and are expected to double over the next decade as economic growth continues.

Completion of the four-laned streets is targetted for 2007, when Samoa hosts the South Pacific Games.

Truck traffic generated by industrial and manufacturing areas west and south-west of Apia have to pass through the city to reach Apia Wharf to the east.

A new extention of road is planned so that traffic between the west and east by-passes the city.

Plans for 2008 would see a main road from Apia to the ports built inland, that would reduce pressure on the West Coast Road, which poses serious safety issues for villagers resident along it.

Land compensation issues are scheduled to be dealt with between October 2004 and February 2005 for the widening of two roads heading into Apia, with construction following soon after.