3 Jun 2004

Fiji DPP expects today to receive Isikia Savua file on his alleged involvement in the coup

4:05 pm on 3 June 2004

Fiji's Assistant director of Public Prosecutions, Greg Allen, says he expects to receive the file on coup-related investigations into the former police commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, within a day.

The Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes has indicated the file is likely to go to the DPP so state prosecutors can decide whether charges should be laid.

Col Savua, who is facing widespread allegations that he plotted the coup of 2000, was interviewed by police for two hours in Suva yesterday.

Mr Allen says once the police have finished assessing the latest evidence he expects his office will have the file.

"So I'm expecting to see that file at some stage today, and as soon as we get it obviously we'll take a look at it with great interest. He's in the country for, as I understand it, only a week. I don't see any urgent need for us to make a decision within the week because if we decide to prosecute I'm sure the government will pull him back."

Fiji's assistant director of Public Prosecutions, Greg Allen.