4 May 2004

Pitcairn official says US$2.7m ready for airport plan

2:43 pm on 4 May 2004

The deputy governor of Pitcairn, Matthew Forbes, says moves are under way to have two point seven million US dollars released from the European Union for development projects on the island group.

This follows a feasibility study carried out on Pitcairn last year to find out what was needed, including the possibility of an airstrip.

Mr Forbes, who is based at the British High Commission in Wellington, says part of their strategy is to improve the transport infrastructure, including an airstrip which will be a huge step forward, but also very difficult.

"The length of the runway that you could get there is still quite short, so it would require quite a specialised aircraft to be able to fly in to the island. These are the lessons that we're now learning from the feasibility study that was carried out, so at the moment we're talking to the Civil Aviation Authority, and looking for sort of options with aircraft in the region as well that might be able to make that journey."

Pitcairn's deputy governor, Matthew Forbes.