28 Apr 2004

13 candidates in latest PNG governor general's race

3:48 pm on 28 April 2004

Thirteen candidates are in the running for the role of Papua New Guinea's new governor general though only six of them will qualify for nomination.

After Parliament's brief meeting yesterday, when the office was declared vacant, the thirteen candidates and their sponsors signed the necessary forms to enter the race.

Under the rules of nomination 16 MPs are required to endorse a candidate.

Among those bidding for the job are former MP and incumbent president of the National Council of Women, Nahau Rooney, the only woman in the field.

Some members of the People's Action Party are sponsoring sacked governor general, Sir Pato Kakaraya, whose dismissal by the Supreme Court triggered the new election.

Other candidates include Sir Albert Kipalan, former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet and former Chimbu parliamentarian and two-time acting governor general John Nilkare.

Parliament will reconvene on May 11th to select the winning candidate.