28 Apr 2004

Call for Solomon Islands to develop its own forward strategies

10:25 am on 28 April 2004

Solomon Islanders are being called on to look past intervention and take back control of their own political processes.

A Solomon Islands academic, Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka says the Regional Assistance Mission or RAMSI has done a great job in restoring law and order.

But, he says there is disquiet that Australians have been placed in line positions within the public service and he says there are capable Solomon Islanders who could equally do the work.

Dr Kabutaulaka says he accepts that political leadership has been weak at times but RAMSI should look to civil society, NGO's and the churches.

"RAMSI needs to be a bit careful as to where the line is between providing assistance in terms of law and order, and leaving space for Solomon Islanders to take control of the political processes. There is a thin line between assistance and occupation, or taking over, that we must ensure we do not cross."

Dr Kabutaulaka is organising a workshop in Honiara in June called Beyond Intervention in which he hopes different sectors of society will contribute in developing strategies for long term rebuilding.