23 Apr 2004

Cook Islands government advisor sues citizen's group figure

10:58 pm on 23 April 2004

The advisor to the Cook Islands prime minister, Norman George, says he is suing the spokeswoman of the Concerned Citizen's Group, June Baudinet, for defamation.

This follows what he says is a personal hate campaign over his role in helping a convicted New Zealand businessman get a one-year residency in the Cook Islands.

Ms Baudinet says her group has approached the Law Society to hold a commission of inquiry into the financial aspects of the matter and to see if Mr George had a conflict of interest.

The Law Society says it has forwarded her concern to New Zealand Justice Laurie Grieg.

Mr George says he is outraged at the group's actions and says there is no reason for a commission of enquiry as the audit office has dropped any investigation into the money.

"She's carried on this hate campaign over the last decade. It's vindictiveness. It's nothing new. And I'm suing her. Im suing her for thousands of dollars. 12"

Norman George.