22 Apr 2004

New Caledonian scientists use satellite to track turtle

1:24 pm on 22 April 2004

Scientists in New Caledonia are tracking the movements of a turtle as it swims across the Pacific.

The turtle, which has a satellite transmitting device attached to it, is something of a celebrity in New Caledonia where it's known as 'beep-beep'.

The Nouvelles Caledoniennes newspaper says it was captured by villagers when it was only a couple of weeks old and then given to the aquarium in Noumea.

Four years later scientists have released the turtle into the open sea.

It's hoped scientists will be able to track 'beep-beep's movements and build up a map of the Pacific to show the turtles' routes.

A theory is that maps could later indicate places for fishing vessels to avoid because they're places where turtles like to gather.