16 Apr 2004

PNG Power urged to maintain generation capability

11:38 am on 16 April 2004

The Secretary of the Madang Chamber of Commerce in Papua New Guinea says PNG Power needs to do more to maintain electricity in the area.

Madang has been hit by power blackouts for nearly two weeks after floods washed away power pylons near Yonki.

PNG Power has said electricity should be restored to the area by today but Eunice Messersmith says the company needs to do more than just fix the lines.

"The biggest problem is the fact that we still need to have the generators maintained and that is not being done. So we still have to continue to seek ways of getting the power company to maintain these generators, because if the power lines to Yonki went down again we would be back in the same position we are in right now."

Ms Messersmith says businesses that haven't been able to hire generators have had to work in the dark or close down and she says she is surprised there hasn't been an accompanying crime increase.