15 Apr 2004

Solomon Islands PM confirms concerns over actions of Accountant-General

10:32 am on 15 April 2004

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza has confirmed there is some concern in the Government over the hold Accountant-General, Colin Davis, has on the country's purse strings.

Mr Davis, who was appointed by the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI, approves all requests for public funds.

He has maintained tight controls on spending but this has sparked reports his contract will not be renewed.

Sir Allen says the new policy is that any unbudgetted payments need Parliamentary approval before any money is appropriated, which is a new way of doing things in Solomon Islands.

He says this has caused suffering in services and it will be a factor in deciding if Mr Davis should be re-appointed.

"In terms of the control and management of the Treasury, the expenditure especially on the Government, it's doing fine, but when you look at the services - services must also suffer at the end - that's why I say [it's] a decision that Cabinet and the caucus have to look into"