14 Apr 2004

Allegations of video piracy in American Samoa

3:42 pm on 14 April 2004

A video store operator in American Samoa has filed a complaint with the US authorities over the pirating of videos and DVD's by some local video stores.

There are allegations that some federal employees based in the territory are involved in a ring that downloads movies from the net and duplicates them for sale to local video stores.

Other allegations are that originals are duplicated and sold.

The video store owner who has filed a complaint says as a Samoan business person he is very concerned about the ongoing illegal duplication.

He says the level of pirating that exists in the territory is illustrated by the number of DVDs of the film, "The Passion of the Christ" circulating in church circles and homes.

He said several churches screened the film before the premiere at local cinemas.

He said the film was not available on DVD even on the mainland.