6 Apr 2004

Fiji's New Labour Unity party rules out joining proposed alliance

3:44 pm on 6 April 2004

Fiji's New Labour unity party is ruling out joining the proposed Fiji MultiRacial Alliance.

The alliance, which has been suggested by SVT president, Sitiveni Rabuka, is seen as a way of providing different political parties with an umbrella grouping aimed at occupying the middle ground.

New Labour's national secretary, Tomasi Tokalauvere, says the idea is a good one but they won't join this particular group because of concerns they have in regards to Mr Rabuka.

He says the former prime minister and coup leader first supported indigenous affirmative action, switched to multi-racial policies, switched back and has changed his position yet again.

"We don't think we will join Rabuka although we support the idea. The reason because of Rabuka himself. His action has been very much erratic. If he had been steady from the start, then, you know, we would have considered the option of joining our multi-racial allies."

Mr Tokalauvere says a broker, whom he wouldn't name, has been working with their natural allies, the Democratic party and the Fiji Labour party, to form an alliance.

He says he is waiting for Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, to approach him for talks.