5 Apr 2004

Uncertain if Gersbach case in Solomons will reopen

3:54 pm on 5 April 2004

The public solicitor in the Solomon Islands, Ken Averre, says the acquittal of two men accused of beheading an Australian missionary shows the criminal justice system is working.

This follows the high court ruling on Friday, dismissing charges for the murder of Lance Gersbach, who was killed last May while working at a construction site at the Seventh Day Adventist Atoifi Hospital in Malaita Province.

Mr Averre says it will be up to police now as to whether murder investigations continue.

"Ultimately that's a matter for the authorities in terms of whether the investigation is reopened which is what the family would like to see. But clearly in terms of the case just concluded it was clear there was insufficient evidence to come up to prove in relation to these two defendants."

Ken Averre