25 Mar 2004

Cook Islands studies an IMF report on planned anti-money laundering laws

3:46 pm on 25 March 2004

The Cook Islands Government is reviewing a draft report from the International Monetary Fund on the country's anti-money laundering legislation and systems for checking bank licences.

Government officials are expected to provide the IMF review team with feedback on the report before the final version is made public and posted on the IMF's website later this year.

The chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financial Working Group, John McFadzien, says various acts and regulations relating to anti-money laundering legislation are being reviewed.

He says that while terrorism suppression legislation has yet to be drafted, the working group has asked for assistance through the Pacific Islands Forum secretariat.

An expert in the field will be visiting the Cook Islands next month to draft the Cook Islands Terrorism Suppression Bill.

He says he expects the legislation will be ready to be passed into law at the next session of parliament.