23 Mar 2004

Fiji's SVT Party tells MP to deal with row between army and ministry

12:58 pm on 23 March 2004

The General Secretary of Fiji's former ruling party, the SVT, says the Prime Minister is the one who needs to resolve the row between the head of his office and the military commander.

Ema Druavesi says the conflict has developed because of the number of individuals in government who are avoiding prosecutions in connection with the coup in 2000.

She says the Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, should stop hiding behind his officials.

"because his CO is involved he is certainly in the know. So he should also not only call on the commander to take his cue from the Home MInistry. He should be the one that corrects his senior civil servants and tells them to back off."

The General Secretary of Fiji's SVT party, Ema Druavesi.