18 Mar 2004

ADB says Samoa dam project needs broad support

4:53 pm on 18 March 2004

The Asian Development Bank says the proposal to build a hydro power dam in the Sili river basin in Samoa is still undergoing feasibility studies.

ADB Senior Project economist, Luigi Bodda, says consultants are looking at the possible impact socially, economically and environmentally of the project on Savai'i.

The Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele, says the project is on schedule despite claims by some that it had been scrapped because of local opposition.

Mr Bodda says there has been some delay as the project was due to be completed last years.

"We don't want that the government impose something. As you probably know, we have our guidelines and we have to have so many workshop and all the population . And the major stakeholders, not only the traditional chiefs but also the minority groups - they have to be on board."

Luigi Bodda says it's likely the Samoan government will approach the ADB along with other institutes to fund the project.