17 Mar 2004

Fiji Telecom union lays out its demands for independent audit team

5:44 pm on 17 March 2004

The Fiji telecommunications union says the naming of those responsible for carrying out an internal Telecom Fiji inquiry does nothing to address their concerns about the monopoly.

It has been announced that four people associated with Telecom Fiji will oversee the internal investigation into claims against two Telecom top executives.

Those on the internal inquiry team are Telecom Fiji board members Olota Rokovunisei, the general manager of Fiji's National Provident Fund; and Savenaca Narube, the Reserve Bank Governor; and staff members Tomasi Vakatora, who is the secretary of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings; and Stewart Bale, who manages Telecom Fiji's audit department.

The president of the union, Tim Motokula, says they are the wrong people to produce findings people can accept.

"Let's just say that's from within. We are asking for totally independent auditors to audit this sad state of affiars that we are alleging here. And we don't think it is right, whatever the findings from this report we believe is not going to be a credible report."

The union is pressing its demands at a meeting later today for independent auditors, not including KPMG, to be used in the inquiry and for the executives to be stood down during it.