12 Mar 2004

Solomon Islands attorney general deplores lack of resources

4:35 pm on 12 March 2004

The auditor general of the Solomon Islands, Floyd Augustine Fatai, says his office is so short staffed that most government bodies, which are all required to be audited under the constitution, have not been audited since the late 1990s.

His comments follow a report by watchdog group Transparency Solomon Islands which found the country's Audit office, ombudsman and were so short staffed they were all unable to do their jobs properly.

Mr Fatai says his office's staff has shrunk from 25 in 1978 to four this year.

"It is indeed very frustrating when they are a lot of things to do, but there are no staff, human resource, financial resource and logistic support."

Mr Fatai says his office has had a welcome increase in funding, with the help of the Australian government, but he's concerned the Solomons' government won't be able to sustain it once the assistance programme ends.