25 Feb 2004

Marshall Islands close to finishing Vocational Training Institute

4:38 pm on 25 February 2004

A new National Vocational Training Institute in the Marshall Islands is on track to open its doors at the start of the new school year in August.

The institute plans to focus on improving basic reading, writing, maths and computer skills of those students who, drop out, or don't attend high school.

Correspondent Giff Johnson says this follows a review by the Ministry of Education which found it was a waste of money providing practical training when the students couldn't read, write or do maths properly.

He says the government has received overseas assistance for the institute.

"The Asian Development bank has been supporting this with a series of loans and technical assistance funding. So, they've actually built a new facility, I think it has five or six classrooms. It's located at the main public high school on Majuro but it's a separate facility for this"

Giff Johnson says once the students complete the two year course, they will then be ready to embark on the vocational qualifications they want.