25 Feb 2004

Fiji public sector unions put strike action on hold

9:03 am on 25 February 2004

Three of Fiji's largest public sector unions have agreed to put off a strike which they had threatened to stage next month.

This follows a decision by the Fiji Public Service Association, the Fiji Nurses association and the Fiji Teachers Union to file an application for a judicial review of the labour minister's decision to refer their disp[ute to compulsory arbitration.

The unions want the High Court to overturn the minister's order.

They have told the premanent arbitrator, William Calanchini, that they will not call the strike which their members had overwhelmingly approved until the High Court decision on the legality of the minister's order.

Mr Calanchini has adjourned arbitration proceedings until June 21st.

The unions want a 5 per cent Cost of Living increase as well as merit increases while the public service commission is offering only one per cent and a performance based system.