24 Feb 2004

American Samoa to redevelop national nutritional plan in the face of obesity

3:57 pm on 24 February 2004

A new national nutritional plan is being worked on in American Samoa in the face of an increasing incidence of obesity.

Ianeta Ah Ping, the Director of Dietary Services at LBJ hospital, says she's concerned because people are consuming more high fat fast foods but becoming less active at the same time.

She says there is a national plan of action but a working group is now revising it.

Ms Ah Ping says parents are making the wrong decisions because they don't have the information.

"What I would like for them to do is to turn them back to the original way of eating, meaning that - eat more Samoan staple foods, more fruits and vegetables, and increase physical activity and the physical activity can be anything that they can enjoy whether it be sports or walking or anything that can get them moving."

Ms Ah Ping says the working group will be meeting early next month to continue revising the national nutritional plan.