24 Feb 2004

Fiji's SVT Party joins Labour in concern over Ligairi statements

11:03 am on 24 February 2004

The Fijian Political party, the SVT, has joined Labour in warning that statements by the just released coup convict Illisoni Ligairi, who led the armed storming of parliament, should be viewed with caution.

Mr Ligairi said on his release that he stood by the principles he believed in when overthrowing the Chaudhry government and had no regrets.

The SVT spokesperson, Ema Druavesi, has told the Fiji Sun newspaper that such a statement from a former British SAS officer could trigger unnecessary alarm and should be taken as a warning bell.

She says Mr Ligairi's freedom of speech must be acknowledged, but such statements on the day of his release bordered on racism and hatred and will destroy all attempts at national reconciliation.