20 Jan 2004

Marshalls company bids for US army bottled water contract

11:33 am on 20 January 2004

A Marshall Island-based water bottling company has passed a stringent US government health and safety inspection, paving the way for the first-ever beverage sales to the US Army's missile testing range range at Kwajalein Atoll.

Army Major David Coffey says the bottom line is that the Robert Reimers Enterprises' bottled water plant is now an approved source.

Reimers' chief executive officer, Ramsey Reimers, says that he wants to do business with the Army and his Pacific Pure Water company is now submitting paper work to get into the Army's purchasing system, which is handled by Kwajalein Range Services through an Californian distribution centre.

Major Coffey says Mr Reimers should be heartily congratulated for passing a short-notice inspection to such a high standard.

Mr Reimers says by passing strict military standards, it shows that such tests can be passed by local manufacturers.

Pacific Pure Water has been in the water bottling business since 1998.