8 Jan 2004

Tongan police confiscate newspaper

3:28 pm on 8 January 2004

Tongan police have confiscated the Taimi O Tonga newspaper from different outlets in areas around the Nuku'alofa and Eastern districts of Tongatapu.

This has been confirmed by the deputy police commander, Taniela Faletau.

The Taimi o Tonga newspaper's operating licence has not been renewed according to reports from the Communication Department of the Prime Minister's Office.

Under the new Media Operator's Act the Taimi is a foreign newspaper because over 20 per cent of the paper is foreign owned.

The Publisher of the Taimi is Kalafi Moala, a Tongan, with US citizenship living in New Zealand.

The application for all newspapers to have their operation licences will end on the 31st of this month.