3 Dec 2003

Labasa mayor sues Fiji Labour Party and its leader over election campaign leaflet

6:18 am on 3 December 2003

The mayor of Fiji's northern town of Labasa has filed a high court writ against the Labour Party and its leader, Mahendra Chaudhry over an election leaflet.

Charan Jeath Singh is contesting the Labasa Rural Indian seat in this weekend's by-election for the National Federation Party.

Mr Singh's writ has been filed to restrain the Labour Party, Mr Chaudhry and others from publishing and distributing a Hindi language leaflet which Mr Singh says contains false, malicious and misleading information.

Mr Singh's writ says the Labour Party has been telling people that he supported George Speight in the overthrow of the Chaudhry government and the holding of hostages.

The writ says the Labour leaflet claims Mr Singh had hidden overseas cyclone relief supplies after Cyclone Ami earlier this year and stopped distribution of government rations.

The writ says the leaflet also accuses Mr Singh of abusing his position as mayor of Labasa to buy votes.

In his writ Mr Singh is seeking aggravated and exemplary damages.