27 Nov 2003

Fiji Womens Rights Movement says government must act against domestic violence

11:36 am on 27 November 2003

The Fiji Women's' Rights Movement is calling on the government to act in the face of alarming statistics over the level of violence against women in the country.

It's been estimated that it costs the country 150 million U.S. dollars annually.

A national survey, conducted by the women's crisis centre, of 1500 women indicated that 66 percent of them have at some point been beaten by partners, and 30 percent repeatedly.

Virisila Buadromo, a spokesperson for the Women's' Rights movement, says the research conducted is credible, and proof enough that the government needs to act.


The government needs to accept the fact that gender violence is a problem in Fiji, they need to take it seriously and they also need to realise that as long as women in this country continue to face violence, that our country will never develop to its full potential. 16

Ms Buadromo says women's' awareness groups in the country are now lobbying for the government to introduce legislation on domestic violence to protect the well-being of women and children.