26 Nov 2003

Fiji 6th formers may need to resit exams

9:17 am on 26 November 2003

All sixth formers in Fiji may have to sit for a new Fiji School Leaving Certificate mathematics paper after it was leaked in several Suva schools before the examination.

The Fiji Times reports that this has been revealed in parliament by the education minister, Ro Teimumu Kepa, who has described the leaks as a matter of national concern.

She says the ministry has two options - either to have a completely new examination nationwide or to assess the internal and external exam marks of students in schools where the paper was leaked.

Ro Teimumu says all students have worked hard and she thinks it may be unfair to require all of them to re-sit the examination.

The final decision will be taken after police have completed their investigations.

But the president of the Fijian Teachers Union, Tevita Koroi, is quoted as saying the fairest way forward is for all students to re-sit the examination.

The secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union, Agni Deo Singh, has called for an independent examination board whose members will not have interest in the setting of the examination papers, to overcome what has now become an annual scandal.