6 Nov 2003

Fiji police act on fears of body parts trafficking

3:17 pm on 6 November 2003

Fiji police say at least nine detectives are investigating an alleged abduction of a teenager by a group feared to be trafficking in body parts.

The16-year old boy from Lautoka, Jared Anand, says he was anaesthesised by four men of Asian appearance dressed as doctors, who then took him to a remote house in Ba.

He says when he came to, his stomach had been shaved and he was in a hospital like room, from which he then escaped.

A police spokesman, Mesake Koroi says they have recently investigated several cases of kidnapping and will be doing all they can to establish the truth in this case.

"It's a bizarre case, we have never come across such a case in Fiji before. We are taking it seriously because we believe that where there is smoke there is fire and the police are trying to determine well that's the first thing we need to do is to visit the sites, go out into the interior and do our own investigations to determine whether in fact what the boy is saying is true or not."

The police spokesman, Mesake Koroi