2 Oct 2003

American Samoa's former Chief Procurement Officer unable to raise bail

9:30 am on 2 October 2003

American Samoa's former Chief Procurement Officer, Faau Seumanutua has not been able to post bail of 100 thousand US dollars and remains behind bars in the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

Seumanutua faces 18 counts of stealing, 10 charges of fraud and 15 misdemeanor counts of violating ethical conduct.

Throughout his questioning by the Senate Investigative Committee the former director maintained he had no involvement in Samoa Wood Products a firm part-owned by his son, Leonard.

But the affidavit in support of his arrest warrant revealed he was personally involved with the firm's operations.

Bank records showed he signed 13 Samoa Wood cheques from February 2002 to April of this year. The investigation also showed that Seumanutua's wife signed 38 company cheques between August 2001 and May of this year.

The former Chief Procurement Officer is alleged to have ordered the alteration of eight purchase requesitions for furniture purchased from Tini Lan Yuen's furniture company.

The prosecution claimed that he ordered a member of his staff to remove Tini Lan Yuen's name as the vendor and replace it with Samoa Wood Products.


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