24 Sep 2003

Work on review of Forum Secretariat begins

10:17 am on 24 September 2003

The first step has been taken towards reforming the Secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum.

As the current Chairman, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, has set out the terms of reference for a major review.

Philippa Tolley has more:

"New Zealand signalled even before the Forum in August that it wanted to see an overhaul of the Secretariat to refocus its work and make it more effective. That view gained support of all member nations and now leaders have been sent draft terms of reference and have been invited to nominate candidates for an Eminent Persons group. As Chairman, Helen Clark will make the selection after consultation, and the group is due to present a plan outlining changes to the Forum by the end of November. It's hoped the draft can be approved before the end of the year so that the in coming Secretary General, Australia's Greg Urwin, will be able to work at implementing the plans"