2 Sep 2003

Hopes suspected killer of former Solomons police chief will surrender

4:39 pm on 2 September 2003

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands or RAMSI says its officers will not go into the jungle to try and capture a police officer charged with the murder of a former police commissioner.

Edmund Sae is charged with the murder of Sir Frederick Soaki early this year.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Ben McDevitt says RAMSI officers will target their search for Sae in villages where it is known he has previously been concealed.

Last week their officers unsuccessfully searched homes for Sae who is also alleged to have killed another person at an Auki police station.

Mr McDevitt says a manhunt for Sae will not be carried out despite the belief that he has gone into hiding in the forests.

He says it's hoped that Sae will surrender himself voluntarily.

"I wrote letters to Edmund Sae to surrender himself to the participating police force...Of course he has gone bush, and when you talk about bush here, you're talking about extremely dense jungle, so it's not a matter of doing a search across huge tracks of jungle, that's not something that we want to engage in."

Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner, Ben McDevitt