2 Sep 2003

Cook Islands political group says former MP shouldn't stand again

4:43 pm on 2 September 2003

The Cook Islands Group for Political Change says it's opposed to former Aitutaki MP, Teina Bishop, standing again in the by-election which he triggered by his resignation.

Spokesperson, Elizabeth Ponga, says she supported Mr Bishop's resignation but finds it hard to believe that he now wants to stand again.

Ms Ponga says it's a waste of money.

"We're trying to find what kind of mentality you have, to be in there one moment, then get out, then come back in again, but by doing so, through a by-election, which is going to cost people money, especially the tax payers of this country, and I don't know the impact it will have , or whether it's going to change anything at all."

Elizabeth Ponga from the Group for Political Change.

One MP aligned to the government says there are no plans to stand a candidate in the by-election so Mr Bishop could run uncontested.