2 Sep 2003

Govt MP supports Teina Bishop and says Cooks by-election not needed

9:47 am on 2 September 2003

An MP in the Cook Islands, Norman George, says he doesn't want a by-election for the Aitutaki seat as there's a general election just around the corner.

Teina Bishop resigned from one of the three Aitutaki seats in what he says was a protest at low allocations for his island in the current budget.

Mr George says Mr Bishop is standing again and the resignation was an action of conscience.

He says he should just go through uncontested to curb spending.

"If it would save public funds, I hope we don't have one. He's made his point, and he's also resigned from the Cook Islands party, and so that's also a plus for the government that ther is a dent in the armour of the opposition party."

Mr George says Teina Bishop hasn't indicated whether he will move to the government party.