25 Aug 2003

Fiji police question people in connection with execution-style killings

4:29 pm on 25 August 2003

Fiji police have taken in a number of people for questioning over the killing of four men in a factory near Suva on Friday.

Police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says three of the men who died have been identified as Asians from Hong Kong, who recently arrived in Fiji.

Mr Koroi says the victims were shot in the head at close range in the first execution-style killings in the country.

"We've taken in quite a number of people, including some business associates of those who have been killed, and we have a certain belief that we are following and we believe that the man is still in the country and we hope to get further details on it later on during the day."

Mr Koroi says the Chinese embassy in Suva has been helpful and they're working closely with Interpol in China and Hong Kong.

He says they're also not discounting links with Chinese Triad crimes.