20 Aug 2003

Fiji public servant enters portfolio dispute

12:05 pm on 20 August 2003

A senior Fiji public servant has entered the political debate on cabinet portfolios being offered to the Labour Party in a multi-party cabinet being described as minor.

The permanent secretary of the ministry of commerce, business development and investment, Isireli Koyamaibole, has objected to such portfolios being labelled as launching stock as minor in many media reports.

In a newspaper advertisement published today, Mr Koyamaibole, says such descriptions are demoralising and offensive to hardworking and loyal public servants in these departments.

He says the work of the Department of Fair Trading ad Consumer Affairs, one of those being offered to Labour, is crucial to the achievement of the goals of the ministry as a whole.

Mr Koyamaibole says the department embraces the work of the several units, such as the Trade Standards Unit and the Fair Trading Unit.

He says this amounts to overseeing many cooperatives which in turn have generated thousands of jobs.