14 Aug 2003

Fiji Methodists want say in approving new churches

4:51 pm on 14 August 2003

The General-Secretary of the Fiji Methodist Church says the church wants to work with the government to monitor the establishment of new Churches into the country.

The Reverend Jione Lagi says he has heard the Attorney-General, Qoroniasi Bale, has suggested the monitoring of new religious groups.

The Reverend Lagi says the Methodist church would support such moves because some of the churches entering Fiji were spreading questionable teachings.

He says some churches enter villages and don't let their followers take part in community events.

The Reverend Lagi says something should be done about the increasing number of churches in Fiji.

"I think we have enough churches here in Fiji, over forty, that's to many for a small country like Fiji, it will only confuse our people more."

The Reverend Lagi says any monitoring of churches would have to be carefully implemented so as not to impinge on the constitutional rights of freedom of religion.