6 Aug 2003

Fiji Red Cross boss murder suspect claimed to act with divine inspiration

8:10 am on 6 August 2003

The High Court murder trial of former Fiji Red Cross director John Scott and his partner Gregory Scrivener has been told that the accused, Apete Kaisau, was divinely inspired to commit an offence.

The Fiji Times says the submission was made by a leading Australian psychiatrist, Dr Paul Mullen of Monash University who was cross examined by satellite video conferencing by Kaisau's lawyer Kafoa Muaror.

The two victims were hacked to death at their Suva home in July 2001.

Dr Mullen told Justice Nazhat Shameem that Kaisau suffered from a form of schizophrenia which resulted in delusion and hallucinations in a person.

Dr Mullen, who examined Kaisau after the murders, said the accused committed the offences because he believe he was acting on God's commandment to free his country and his family.

Dr Mullen said Kaisau's history revealed he was a person of sound mind until about 1999 when he locked himself in a room, ceased all outside contact and occupied himself reading the Bible and religious books.