29 Jul 2003

PNG's Madang Province addresses prostitution

6:09 pm on 29 July 2003

The governor of Papua New Guinea's Madang province, James Yali, says his administration is addressing the social problem of local women prostituting themselves in exchange for fish in the Kananam area.

An NGO, Bismarck Ramu, says the presence of the fishing company RD Tuna in Kananam and its dominance of the market has led to local women offering sex to the mainly Filipino fishermen in exchange for seafood.

Mr Yali says he's received letters from local women informing him about the problem, and he has sent social and welfare officers to Kanam to investigate.

"They'll be developing programmes to try to address the issue...try to help the women to look at small farming activities instead of getting out and involving in prostitution, and things like that"

Madang governor James Yali says RD Tuna is also assisting with these programmes to help deter local women from prostitution.