2 Jun 2003

Niue says it is capable of hosting Forum summit

4:02 pm on 2 June 2003

The Premier of Niue Young Vivian says he is almost certain that the island will get to host the Pacific Islands Forum in October next year.

The Niue government has been pushing for the hosting rights but there have been concerns about its ability to cater for the around 300 people expected.

But Mr Vivian is confident the island can manage.

"well we have done it in the past and other places like Nauru, Kiribati all those places have hosted the Forum and I think we are confident, I believe we can host it"

Young Vivian.

Last week, an opposition MP Terry Coe criticised suggestions that additional accommodation be built and 100 cars bought for the event.

Mr Vivian says there is no intention to buy or bring in extra cars - he says people attending the Forum can be transported by buses and vans.

And he says he doubts the island can afford to build any new accommodation.