27 Jun 2003

Niue offers free wireless internet

4:24 pm on 27 June 2003

The Internet Users' Society in Niue has this week launched the first free nationwide wireless internet access service, or WIFI.

It is provided to all Niue residents, tourists, government offices and business travellers at no cost to the public or local government.

The Society's Richard St Clair says a WIFI service is the perfect fit for Niue because the often harsh weather can cause problems with underground copper lines.

He says the Society is a leader in developing appropriate technologies to enable low-cost, dependable Internet services for small nations like Niue.

"The manufacture in the license free mode and the license free equipment in the last year or so the equipment cost has come way down so that getting on line with wireless is no different to the end user than getting on line with say a modem or whatever. It's just about the same price now."

Richard St Clair