19 Jun 2003

Fiji awaits verdict in constitution case

6:38 pm on 19 June 2003

Fiji's director of public prosecutions says the decision of the Supreme Court on the multi-party cabinet is awaited with the greatest interest because of the immense constitutional importance attached to it.

Josaia Naigulevu says Fiji looks to the Supreme Court to help resolve the case by bringing certainty to the country's laws and affairs of the nation.

The government has refused the invite the Labour Party to join the administration for nearly two years despite a constitutional provision to give seats to any party winning at least ten percent of the vote.

Mr Naigulevu says the hopes and confidence of the leaders and the people of Fiji will be strengthened if laws are seen to be applied equally and firmly.

He says Fiji's recent traumatic history underscores the importance of an independent judiciary that is able to provide constitutional guidance in times of great uncertainties.

Mr Naigulevu says the Supreme Court's judgment will help determine future political arrangements.

The court has completed hearing submissions and a decision is due soon.