28 Mar 2003

New political party formed in Cook Islands

10:22 am on 28 March 2003

A new political party in the Cook Islands says it wants to shorten the parliamentary term from the current five yeras.

Cook Islands National was launched in Rarotonga yesterday, with its leader, Teariki Heather saying he has been unhappy with the way the country has been run.

Mr Heather says for the last few years politicians have been all out for themselves and in disregard of the people.

There have been four prime ministers in less than four years and Mr Heather says the public want change.

"For the last couple of years what I have seen is the politicians all out for themselves not the people, and the people are crying out to say what they want done."

Cook Islands National is the country's third political party following the demise of the New Alliance Party last year.

The other two parties are the Democratic Party and the Cook Islands Party.