14 Dec 2002

Fiji Labour Party rejects police statement on evidence problems

6:40 am on 14 December 2002

The Fiji Labour Party has expressed disgust with a police statement that it is having difficulty in gathering evidence to prosecute promonent people alleged to have been involved in the May 2000 coup.

The director of police criminal investigations, Emosi Vunisa, has been quoted as saying yesterday that treason and misprision of treason were new crimes and they are having difficulty with evidence.

The Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says the evidence is as clear as daylight and only the blind would not be able to see it.

Mr Chaudhry says it is ironical that some of those in the coup are now in parliament representing the people and some are even in cabinet.

He says the issue needs to be approached with some seriousness.