30 Nov 2002

An appeal over high court decision to be made in American Samoa

8:16 am on 30 November 2002

There's to be an appeal in American Samoa over the high court ruling to reinstate Faamausili Pola as a senator.

The president of the senate, Lutu Fuimaono, says they will file a motion for reconsideration and to hold a new trial over the high court's ruling to reinstate Faamausili as a senator of Manua District number 1.

The senate president says this will be the first step towards appealing the high court's decision.

The high court ruled last week that the senate's removal of Faamausili was unconstitutional and said he must be reinstated and afforded all the rights of a senator, including pay and privileges that come with the office.

Lutu says he respects the court's decision however the senate is ready to defend its position.