28 Oct 2002

Hopes of closer links between Pacific's French and English speaking media

4:33 pm on 28 October 2002

The Pacific's main media group, the Pacific Islands News Association or PINA, wants to see closer links with its Europe based associate Reporteurs San Frontiere.

The President of PINA, Johnson Honimae, says it became apparent during a media freedom conference in New Caledonia today that RSF knew little of the problems facing journalists in the non-French speaking parts of the Pacific.

He says to combat this the two organisations have now swapped contact information.

"I see this as sort of exchanging of reports of how government or other authorities are treating journalists. Within this time it wont be just members of the Pacific Island News Association but it will be going even further and maybe from what is happening within the French territories like New Caledonia and French Polynesia"

Johnson Honimae, the President of PINA