24 Oct 2002

Solomon Islands government says more illegal weapons have been handed in

5:51 pm on 24 October 2002

Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, says there has been more progress in recovering illegal weapons still held by people.

George Atkin reports that the prime minister says another 92 high-powered weapons have been handed over to members of the Melanesian Brotherhood.

"He says as the weapons have been given to the brothers in confidence their whereabouts are not released to the public, but Sir Allen says they will definitely be destroyed as has been done to the others collected previously. Prime Minister Kemakeza made the revaluation about 92 high powered weapons just collected when asked by reporters about what stage the disarmament process has reached. He says the disarmament process is continuing although the Peace Monitoring Council has closed. He says the police and the Melanesian Brotherhood are continuing to collect illegally held weapons."