22 Oct 2002

Fiji authorities given go-ahead to deport overstayers

9:34 am on 22 October 2002

Authorities in Fiji have been given the go-ahead to deport the so-called Mafia Queen and about 150 other overstayers who are awaiting appeals on the extension of their visas.

The Daily Post says the immigration department is expected to take a hardline approach after a high court ruling which gives the authorities the power to start deporting those whose visas have expired.

In a landmark case involving two Asian overstayers, Suva High Court judge, Justice Scott has ruled that they are not entitled to stay in the country after their former permits have expired despite their cases being on appeal.

Justice Scott ruled that there was nothing to prevent the plaintiffs from leaving Fiji and then renewing their applications to return.

A police source is quoted as saying they will start a crackdown on all overstayers who are awaiting appeals and start deporting them.