1 Oct 2002

Fiji peacekeepers file 118 million dollar claim against government

10:47 am on 1 October 2002

Fiji High Court Judge Michael Scott has given government lawyers 14 days to file a defence against a multi-million dollar claim filed by former peacekeepers.

Radio FM-96 reports that members of the Fiji Peacekeepers Association are demanding that the government pay them 118 million US dollars.

They claim the money was paid by the United Nations to the Fiji government for peacekeeping duties performed abroad by Fiji soldiers since 1978.

The soldiers claim that not all the money was passed on to them.

The government says the soldiers are owed nothing because apart from allowances already paid, the balance of the money was used to pay for the costs of the peacekeeping operations including weapons, uniforms, transport and rations.

The case will proceed in the High Court after state lawyers have filed their defence.