26 Jun 2002

Cook islands high court holds hearing into hotel lease

6:02 pm on 26 June 2002

A preliminary hearing into the lease of the Vaima'anga hotel was held in the Cook Islands high court today.

Tim Arnold, who is the lawyer for the landowner, Pa Ariki, says although the solicitor general appeared, there was no serious opposition to the proposal to lease the hotel to the Covington group.

Mr Arnold says however, that the chief justice identified a series of issues that needs to be resolved with the Covington group before a confirmed lease is agreed to.

"We would expect the corvington group to've been able to produce to us, the arrangements for the construction of the hotel, with their preferred contractors, multiplex, managementof the hotel and perhaps most important, the financial arrangement, so that we can be satisfied, that when work starts again on the property, it won't in fact be finishing until the property is complete."

Tim Arnold.