27 May 2002

Fiji's PM again says there will be no change to his Cabinet despite court action

6:26 am on 27 May 2002

Fiji's Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, says there will be no change to his current Cabinet despite any court rulings that might order a change.

Mr Qarase made the statement at the first annual meeting of his ruling SDL Party over the weekend.

Mr Qarase said his current coalition with he Conservative Alliance, two independents and one minister from the New Labour Unity Party would remain intact despite a Supreme Court ruling which is yet to be delivered.

He was referring to the government's appeal to the Supreme Court, which will be filed this week, asking for it to review the decision of the High Court and the Appeal Court, both of which have said the Fiji Labour Party was constitutionally entitled to be part of Cabinet.

Mr Qarase said the time was not right for risky political experiments that offer no predictable outcome.